Wednesday, 7 August 2013

How Modular Homes and Site-Built Homes Are Comparable

Modular homes have existed for a long time, but they have only recently begun to get noticed by the general public. Now, architects and taste-makers have taken notice and given the industry a bit of a push. While there are some key differences, modular homes are not all that different from site-built homes. If you're thinking about building your own home, you should consider modular options. Please click for additional information.

Despite what the name implies, a modular home can look any way you want it to. There can be as much variation between modular homes as there is between site-built homes. People have modular homes constructed to mimic classic styles or in ways that look like no other houses around. You will have as much control as you want over the specifics of the home's construction, including the size, the number of rooms, the type of rooms, the pitch of the roof, or the type of windows installed, to name just a few. You can customize the internals, as well, including floor type, countertop material, and cabinet material.

Modular homes are built on foundations, just like site-built homes, and are permanent structures that cannot be moved once they've been assembled on site. Because of this, you can also construct a modular home that has a basement. Modular homes can be remodeled or added to like site-built homes if you want to make changes in the future. There is no need to worry about the sturdiness or safety of a modular home, as it is just as structurally sound as a site-built home. You can get access to the official site.

Modular homes still need to be permitted and meet building code requirements. Building codes of the state of New York govern the construction of modular homes, just like they do for site-built homes. There may also be rules specific to your county or city, so check for those as well. You'll also need to have the home inspected by the same types of inspectors, such as electrical, plumbing, and heating and cooling.

The costs of building a site-built home and a modular home are comparable, with the modular home possibly saving you money. In both cases, the biggest expense is usually the plot of land. The biggest area of savings can be found in building costs because of the time it takes to build a modular home versus a site-built home. Modular homes are constructed indoors, in large warehouses. Building indoors allows the contractor to keep a steady, regular schedule regardless of the time of year because the light and the weather won't be an issue. Because there are no delays, construction can be done in weeks, not months. The financing and insuring of your modular home will cost the same as they would for a site-built home. Please check out this official site.

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